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Ohio Contemporaneous Offer Disclosure (2 buyers writing on the same house)

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Ohio Realtors Contemporaneous Offer Disclosure Policy

Ohio law permits real estate agents and brokers to represent more than one buyer at a time and to show those buyers the same properties. In some instances more than one buyer represented by the same agent may want to make an offer to purchase the same property that will be considered by the seller at the same time. Under Ohio law, this is referred to as “contemporaneous offers”.
If this occurs, Ohio law requires that you be notified in writing of this fact by your agent. This written notice can be communicated via email or text message. If written notification cannot be delivered to you in a timely manner, your agent can provide this notice to you verbally.
If you are notified that a contemporaneous offer situation exists, you can request to be referred to another licensee.
Finally, your agent is not permitted to disclose the identity of the buyers or the terms of their offers to purchase. This information is considered confidential information under Ohio law and must be maintained by the agent/broker.

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